I help people to transform into
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My mission is to help people to avoid age poverty, helping them to be a role model for their children, their children’s children and to live a life full of prosperity and fulfillment.

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Peter Muzik

About Peter

I have graduated as an industrial engineer in Germany and I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade in Switzerland. I am known for three things: Never giving up. Turning difficulties into positive results. Leadership. I am motivated by John Maxwell’s proverb “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. My mission: to lift people up regardless of their current situation and to help them to step into the powerful leader that’s already inside of them. 

I am currently living in Zurich, Switzerland, together with my wife and daughter.


"I truly believe that getting crushed several times was unavoidable to becoming a better, caring human being with more empathy for others, being a better husband, father, friend, mentor, and an exceptional leader."

- Peter Muzik

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